Study `Globalisierung und soziale Ungleichheit' (Globalisierung und soziale Ungleichheit)

The research group has analyzed the conflicts between global free-trade, the WTO, and welfare statism in industrialized countries and developing countries in a study financed by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation.

Interview about the Copenhagen Climate Conference

The Sonntagszeitung, the biggest Swiss newspaper, talked with Felix Ekardt about the research group's global climate protection concept. To the interview with Sonntagszeitung.

Radio Discussion `Democracy and Sustainability'

At the end of August, Felix Ekardt and Michael Kerbler discussed the financial crisis and climate change. The discussion was boradcast by the Austrian Radio Ö 1.

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Climate Justice

Climate change poses problems for mankind that have never existed in such dimensions. For that reason alone we have think about solutions that have never been proposed before. Unfortunately, we currently do not succeed, neither in Germany, the ostensible precursor of climate protection, nor in Europe. We are a great climate chatterbox, yet real action in policy-making, economy, and civil society is still expandable. We get lost in predictions of catastrophe scenarios and in uncountable small (but too ineffective) steps. Current conceptions for a real climate reversal, which must go beyond differentiated but often hardly successful trifle, and the causal analyses that explain why humanity seems to run blindly into the largest catastrophe of its history (and how that could be changed) are inadequate. This also applies to the required moral assessment of the disaster that we impose on our world, including the painful balancing problems that lie before us. The Copenhagen Conference on global climate protection will presumably not change anything. There, too, progress will be made – if there will be some at all – in minute steps only. However, far reaching steps are required: a real climate reversal, if not a climate revolution. This requires a firm foundation in a theory of justice.

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